Pricing Photography

Our pricing philosophy is simple …..
It is unwise to pay too much But
It is worse to pay too little
When you pay too much, all you lose is a little money
But When you pay too little, you may lose everything

Our prices can be tailored to most people’s budgets so you can always get the best
For Wedding Photography, pricing will depend on what you require on the day, and can cover everything from bride getting ready photographs, Photography of the ceremony and reception, and into the wee small hours, which is great for candid photography.

Portrait Photography Pricing is initially based on the portrait session. This covers the cost of the portrait session at your desired location, it may be a beach, or a park, or somewhere that is special to you; and the preparation of proofs of the session along with a 10"x8" photograph of your choice.

With Both Wedding and Portrait Photography, around 10 days after the event a meeting will be organised to go over the results of the day and review the proofs. At that point all options for final printing and display will be covered.